Summer Wishlist

Hello everyone!

First of all I have to say THANK YOU! I got so much support and amazing comments on my last/first blog post. I couldn’t believe how many amazing , kind and positive people read that blog post and gave me such lovely tips , comments and advice!

Today I’m going to be writing my summer wishlist. In the U.K it is currently summer!! (even though it has rained everyday of July and June was apparently the wettest it’s been in decades!)

I have been seeing these everywhere, All over blogs, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. So I’d thought I’d write on for myself and maybe give y’all some ideas for the summer months when you’re bored.


1) Go Strawberry Picking

2) Read More Books 

3) Go To The Beach

4) Blog More And Upload Lots

5) Make Time For Myself

6) Have A Pamper Night

7) Go/Have A Pool Party

8) Play Water Sports

9) Take My Dog To The Summer Dog Show


Thanks for reading!

Do you have any things you want to do before summer ends? If so tell me them in the comments!



My First Blog Post

Hello everyone!

I have decided to start blogging again. I had a blog a little while ago, but I rarely got any reads or followers, sadly I gave it up not long after starting it. I thought that nobody liked my blog and that I would never grow my blog to be like the ones with 1000’s of readers.

Not long ago I read someone’s post who had a very successful blog (over 10,000 reads , wow!) She talked about how all bloggers started from 0. Zero reads , zero followers , zero likes and zero comments. ‘Very few bloggers start of with an audience , you have to work hard.’

I also really missed blogging , it brought me so much joy and gave me a boost of confidence.

So I have decided to start again. A fresh start on a brand new blog.

My blog will be full of everything , a bit random. Though it will mostly be based on fashion , beauty and lifestyle as they are my hobbies and things I am really interested in and love.

Thanks for reading!! (if anybody even has been reading)

bye! – Lav